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              A Great Saint and Brahm Giani Sant Baba Bhag Singh Ji selected a secluded place in the jungle (Jabbar) in the year 1924 and a Gurudwara was constructed at the site in 1930. He devoted all the time at his disposal to Bhakti (Dhian), study of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and other spiritual books. He started spreading the preaching of the Great Gurus among the people of the surrounding villages. The people of the region were moved by the words of wisdom flowing out of Sant Baba Bhag Singh Ji. Thus, a great seat of religious preaching was established where subsequently the present Dera was built. After Sant Baba Bhag Singh Ji, Sant Baba Hardyal Singh Ji, Musafir took over (on 3rd January, 1962) the responsibility and continued with the traditions of the Dera. The saints of the Dera have been counseling the public to live in peace, develop brotherhood and serve the society, in addition to spiritual pursuits. Sant Baba Malkit Singh Ji is the custodian of the Holy Wisdom and noble traditions of Brahm Giani Sant Baba Bhag Singh Ji & Brahm Giani Sant Baba Hardyal Singh Ji, Musafir. Sant Baba Malkit Singh Ji has launched a ‘Social Service Revolution’ which includes spiritual upliftment of the people, providing quality education and all round development of the region. To achieve these objectives “Sant Baba Bhagh Singh Memorial Charitable Society” was formed in year 2000. Responsibility for establishment of an educational complex for the society was given to Dr. H. S. Sagar, an educationist and administrator of national repute.